OCP Demos to show off capabilities

What is this?

Demos are either pre-designed or pre-recorded demonstrations of a specific set of technologies, whether for enablement or presentation. Some of these may have already been recorded and ready for consumption, while others will be self-led.

Project List


Demo Apps

If you’ve ever watched a technical demo, especially around app/cloud modernization/transformation, you’ll know that a vital component is an engaging target workload. Demo apps can range from banking, chat, mobile gaming, and more, with many good options!

However, it is important that your application be well-suited for the technologies you are demoing, and ideally is already configured to that purpose. Below, you will find my (ever-growing!) list of Demo apps, tagged w/ the technologies they excel at:

LetsChat DRModification of LetsChat app for Regional DR w/ ODF/ACMODF, RHACM, DR
LetsChat and SushiWebSet of Apps for RHACM/ODF DemosRHACM, ODF, Submariner
SushiWebSimple web application used for container and Openshift DemonstrationOpenShift, Kubernetes, App Deployment, Tekton

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