OCP Labs for hands-on practice w/ technologies

What is this?

On this page, and within the section, you will find a list of OCP labs. These are opportunities to learn more about a set of technologies by getting hands-on in a “lab” environment.

Workshops vs Labs?


Workshops are meant to be less defined and structured, with little guidance throughout the process - more similar to an enterprise environment. These help to prepare you for real-world usage and to invoke critical thinking about the technologies.


Labs are tutorials and guides, focused on teaching the fundamentals of the target technologies.

Project List

Ansible TutorialGet started w/ AnsibleAnsible, EDA, K8s/OCP
Helm TutorialGet started w/ HelmHelm
Manage OCP Virt w/ RHACM and GitOpsUsing RHACM and OCP GitOps to manage OCP GitOpsRHACM, GitOps, Virtualization

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