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What is it

Operators automate the creation, configuration, and management of instances of Kubernetes-native applications. Operators provide automation at every level of the stack—from managing the parts that make up the platform all the way to applications that are provided as a managed service.

Operators with OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift uses the power of Operators to run the entire platform in an autonomous fashion while exposing configuration natively through Kubernetes objects, allowing for quick installation and frequent, robust updates. In addition to the automation advantages of Operators for managing the platform, Red Hat OpenShift makes it easier to find, install, and manage Operators running on your clusters.

OpenShift uses Operators extensively for the management of the container platform, internal services, and many workloads.

What are OCP Operators?




Why/When use it

How to use it

Operator SDK

There are multiple paths to create your own Operator. One of the easiest routes, and typically most preferred for usage on OpenShift, is the Operator SDK.

Operator SDK is a component of the Operator Framework.



More Information

Operator SDK Guides/Demos

Operator Courses

These courses include learning about all forms of Operators, such as Go, Helm, Ansible, and Operator SDK.

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