OCP Workshops for hands-on practice combining technologies

What is this?

This page contains links to various Workshops related to OpenShift. There may also be workshops under section pages, depending on the content. The best way to find all Workshops is to use the Workshop Topics taxonomy cloud on the Right sidebar.

Workshops vs Labs?


Workshops are meant to be less defined and structured, with little guidance throughout the process - more similar to an enterprise environment. These help to prepare you for real-world usage and to invoke critical thinking about the technologies.


Labs are tutorials and guides, focused on teaching the fundamentals of the target technologies.

Project List

Below is a curated list of Workshops from the community.

RHACS WorkshopFairly large workshop reviewing the many components and integrations of ACS. GH linkRHACS, Pipelines, Operators
OCP DevExOpenShift from the Developers PerspectiveOpenShift, DevEx, Pipelines, Containers, GitHub Actions, Logging, Networking
Java + Istio on OCPJava (Spring Boot, Vert.x) and Istio on K8s/OCP.Istio, OpenShift, Observability, OpenShift/K8s
Adv. IstioAdv. Istio topics on OCPOpenShift, Istio
KnativeKnative TutorialOpenShift, Serverless/Knative, Apache Camel K
cloud-native-workshop1 day, hands-on, Cloud-Native workshop providing developers an intro to cloud-natives appsOpenShift, Che, Quarkus, Spring Boot, Vertx, Tekton, Service Mesh, Patterns

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